Monday, 25 October 2010

Trash Cinema @ The New Continental

In my largely forgotten childhood, The Continental (my local pub) was best known for monkey bars, Captain Coconuts and its proximity to a scenic park. Flashforward (Joseph Fiennes style) and I’d be hard pressed to believe that a pub could be transformed into a stage for plays, a cinema for films and an exhibition space for artists. However on a cold rainy night in Preston, seeing was believing.

Chaired by serial blogger and cinephile Robyn Talbot, we were treated to a viewing of Sergio Martino’s 1973 gory Italian exploitation masterpiece Torso. Tables with candles were set out in front of a 14ft high definition screen and with a bar nearby, I haven’t seen a film in a more relaxed and sophisticated setting.

The night was also the national launch of the upcoming ‘Lucio Fulci’s Box of Terror’ set, which for ethical reasons I was not able to win in the raffle but nevertheless I was privy to Torso, a cult horror masterpiece that never skimped on the blood, nudity or murderous and largely inventive set pieces.

The night was capped off with a chance for me to plug Grimm Up North but even without an ulterior motive, it was nice to see film and culture brought to Preston (which is a mere 35 minute train ride away from Manchester I’ll have you know). The north will forever be in the shadow of the south but its endearing that people like Robyn and venues like The New Continental are willing to take a chance and put on a good show.

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JD Douglas-Walton
Writer for Grimm Up North

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