Saturday, 10 July 2010

Review: The Inhabited Island

The Inhabited Island

2008 Directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk

This a sci-fi action adventure from Russia in two parts, set in the distant future where mankind has harnessed the abilities of the human body giving them superior strength and intellect. They use these abilities to travel vast distances throughout the galaxies. When a young space traveller named 'Maksim' crash lands on an unknown world he finds the local inhabitants at war with one another. Ignorant of Maksim's home world (Earth), the indigenous people are largely a more technically advanced race, but have yet to experience space travel themselves. Maksim's crash landing on the planet has destroyed his ship, leaving him stranded with no hope of rescue. In an attempt to integrate himself into this new society he chooses to join the army, propelling him on an epic adventure in which he must try to uncover the secrets the planet holds and attempt to overthrow the governing rulers known as 'The Unknown Fathers.'

This film is brilliant! It takes the form of two films - each roughly around two hours long - and reminds me of a cross between Riddick and Lord of the Rings. The budget of roughly $36 million seems to have been well spent with some impressively picturesque landscapes and equally impressive CGI. The Inhabited Island puts Night and Day Watch (the only other Russian films I remember enjoying) to shame. The sheer epic grandeur of this film coupled with it's beautiful cinematography makes it a must see.


Jez Blackmore