Saturday, 26 June 2010

Lets get horror back on telly! A letter to the BBC.

Hello Grimm Folks!

Today I noticed a tweet from @cyberschizoid regarding a campaign to get classic horror double bills back on the BBC. I was genuinely enthused at the idea of seeing some legendary and some pretty much forgotten movies on national TV and astounded at the blog post that showed how things used to be.

I would encourage you all to take a moment to sign the petition and/or get onboard the Facebook campaign - come on folks, this is actually worth doing!

Oh, and if you can't be bothered, you can always cut and paste the email I sent below to Points Of View and The Radio Times, I have also noted down the addresses for you!


Hello BBC,

My attention has been directed towards a campaign which I believe is very worthwhile and is being spearheaded online with a petition and twitter campaign.

As you will see, this relates to bringing classic horror movies from the likes of Hammer and Amicus back to the beeb - something I feel could be hugely beneficial for people who have never had the chance to revel in this part of our national cultural heritage.

Obviously, I realise taking over BBC 1 or 2 late on a Saturday night is way beyond impossible, but I seriously think (even if its just a season) horror double bills would be a great addition to, say, BBC 4 on a late evening slot.

I am a licence fee payer who feels that there is currently nothing for me on your weekend primetime schedules. I have no interest in ballroom dancing, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Dr Who or Casualty/Holby, but I don't feel the need to complain about this as they are all part of a broad remit that I understand you have to serve - and the truth is they are all bloody popular.

However, I do feel that a part of our British cinematic culture has been allowed to fall off the face of the planet and in a world where "horror" has become less theatrical and engaging, it would be great to educate the "SAW" generation that there is much more to the genre than just heads being chopped off.

I hope this campaign - and indeed my email - gets the attention it deserves, please consider reinstating this great slice of British history to the place it truly deserves.

Noel Mellor