Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Josh's Review: Resurrection County

A group of four attractive suburbanite campers travel to the remote, sleepy Southern town of Enoch in search of a peaceful getaway - but things in the South are never so simple, as the group soon find out.

With early references to country bumpkin characters and a postmodern nod to familiar stereotypes, it would seem Resurrection County is primly set up to be just another Texas Chainsaw Massacre clone. However, once the exposition is out of the way and the film settles down, it finds a consistently tense rhythm that highlights the story's true colours.

Although these are mainly the green and brown hues of the southern outback, these soon give way to deep crimson (why, I'm guessing, you can work out for yourself). Things begin to first go awry when leading men Tommy and Sam venture off the trail while quad biking the nearby woodlands and come across a gun-toting redneck that seems a little funny about trespassing strangers. From here the real fun begins as it seems like the whole of Enoch is out to get them.

Although it may sound like a backhanded compliment, one of Resurrection County’s greatest strengths is simply that it reminds you of things you've seen before. This may sound negative, but the discomfort this movie offers from the outset allows you to expect the worst to happen - and it isn’t long before it does.

Once the blood starts spilling and the unhappy campers are fighting for their lives, you soon get a glimpse of why these Southern god-fearing bumpkins are so blood thirsty. One of the film's most endearing qualities, however, is that apart from a slight lull in the second act, it remains solidly built throughout. Direction, editing, music, acting, the brilliant and believable special effects all blend together nicely.

Resurrection County is well worth a watch. You’ll have seen countless films like it but it holds up well in both technical and thematic terms. Beautifully shot, gripping, violent and bloody as hell, the movie even offers a few lines that will make you crack a smile. Check it out.

JD Douglas-Walton

Writer & Networker for Grimm Up North

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