Friday, 2 July 2010

Introduction to Destruction

Dearest undead, bloodthirsty, deranged and alike, I’m Josh, the new guy.

I’ve been summoned from the unholy depths of grammatical hell to provide my two fleshy cents on Grimm. Despite Grimm’s roaring success last year, I imagine there’ll be many Grimm virgins out there, such pure vessels that have yet to be soiled by Manchester’s one and only horror film festival. So I’m taking it upon myself to give you a little background and tell you what Grimm is all about and what you can expect.
It begins with a question.....

What is “Grimm”?
Grimm is an autonomous, self aware machine.
Grimm is a blood thirsty beast whose hunger will never be satisfied.
Grimm is the creaking floorboard the heavy breathing down the back of your neck and yes we’re right behind you!

Grimm Up North 2 promises to be more even more grotesque, more heart pounding and more terrifying than last year. This isn’t Jaws: The Revenge or a direct to DVD sequel. Grimm 2 is a blockbuster built from the Tarantino School of Excess™.

Leading up to the festival proper we’ll be delivering you breaking film news and previews, all in preparation for this Halloween where Grimm will bring you the best blood soaked premieres from local filmmakers to international gems. On top of that we’ll have a smattering of special guests, Q + As from leading industry professionals, live events and previews of the gaming industry’s latest and greatest.
Gallons of blood are being poured into providing you with the very best coverage of the only horror and sci-fi festival that can satisfy your unrelenting taste for flesh. There’ll be blogs, podcasts, and videos and of course the film set to take the horror world by storm, Splintered.

If you prefer to join our horde of undead followers then Twitter, Facebook and our newsletter will surely suffice.

Keep your eyeballs peeled and remember: evil never dies, the blood can never be washed away and you can never, never escape.

JD Douglas-Walton

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